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Q. What is the Kawan Kitchen Mate show?

Every Desi family, settled in the US has a story – how they moved here, their struggles and triumphs. On the Kawan Kitchen Mate TV show we will get to know 13 such households. And what better way to bond with families, than over FOOD! We will send our FOODIE to your household to not only get to know you, but help and solve the daily question- what’s for dinner?  

We all innovate, swap recipes, and come up with creative ways to keep everyone happy. But still the dilemma exists…Introducing Kawan Kitchen Mate!

We will show Desi Americans how basic ingredients on their grocery list and the contents in their fridge can be used to make innovative & tasty dishes they can use on a weekly basis.

So apply today to be considered for one of the 13 households to be featured on the Kawan Kitchen Mate show, which will be aired on STAR PLUS.


Q. Who is the Foodie and why are we looking for one?

The Foodie will be the anchor of the show and will work with our team to provide meal solutions to households across the country. The Foodie is someone who is passionate about food, can add flair, innovate, is resourceful and can prepare some easy meals for the households.


Q. Why don’t we hire a professional chef?

The premise is that households need simple, everyday solutions that are easy, efficient and can be made in a jiffy without much fuss or preparation using everyday groceries and ingredients already present in the home. The Foodie is an everyday person and will obviously then provide everyday solutions. A chef is a professional and not relevant to the solutions needed for the households.


Q. Who can apply to be a FOODIE?

Any person, male or female, over the age of 21, who is confident of being on camera, is passionate about food and has the knowledge of cooking can apply.


Q. How will you choose which households the Foodie will visit and film?

We are seeking entries from the viewers across the US and based on the entries, our panel will select 13 lucky households to be featured on the show. The Foodie and the TV crew will film an entire episode in the household and the US viewers will get to meet and know that household.


Q. Why apply to be a featured Household?

Apart from the obvious excitement of having the Foodie come into your home with the TV crew, the household will get meal solutions, gift hampers and most of all the opportunity to be featured on Star Plus for an entire episode! The Foodie will introduce the household and its members and get to know them before making dishes that the whole family can enjoy.


Q. Why do you need a video clip of the kitchen and dining room?

The filming will take place primarily in the Kitchen and Dining areas of the house. For our producers to get a sense of the layout of each applying household, it is therefore necessary to make a determination beforehand if the TV crew will fit.


Q. Do I need a professional video?

Not at all! A small clip from your smartphone giving us a quick walk through will suffice. You can upload it anywhere and share the link while applying.


  Click here to see some of the applicants’ videos

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